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* Important reminder! It is recommended not to upgrade the operating system to Android 11 for the time being, because some models may be abnormal after the upgrade. Example The image data cannot be read and loaded normally. In this case, it is recommended to download the image data to the external space of the SD card first!
Users who have updated to Android 11, please wait for the revised version to be excluded!

★Newly opened attractions/stores this month★

New year and new atmosphere! Did you do a good Ending last year? If not, strive for a good start this year! For those who love Japanese food, look here, the famous yakiniku red tiger has come to Taiwan, the main dish is hand-cut meat, and the top Japanese Wagyu set meal! Don't miss Lamigo Laman. You can taste the special Taiwanese ramen. The long-established Hong Kong tea shop, Tandao Hong Kong Tea Restaurant, opened its first take-away shop in Taipei. Take the classic Hong Kong spots with you. Go try it! Known as the most beautiful cafe in Taiwan, CAFFAINA has newly opened, with hundreds of French desserts and hand brewed coffee, delicious and good shots! There are new options for the night market, the Anhe International Tourist Night Market is opening, don't miss it if you love to visit the night market!

★House number update★

The focus of this update is on the reorganization of official documents in Luzhu District, Taoyuan City; the reorganization of general house numbers in Taiping District, Taichung City and the provision of pictures before and after the reorganization for users to inquire; and the addition and revision of the three counties and cities in Tainan City, Taoyuan City and Kaohsiung City .

★Road update★

The focus of this update is on Tainan City-Xinji Industrial Zone on December 12, 107. The roads in the whole district were completed and opened: Xinji Industrial Zone at the junction of Annan and Anding District is the development of Jishu Valley Park, Liuying Science and Technology Park and Yongkang Science and Technology Park After completion, the newly developed high-quality industrial zone will be equipped with planned roads of 20, 30 and 40 meters, with a total length of 10 kilometers, which can quickly connect to the National Eighth System Interchange and turn to National Highway No. 1. Land development.

● Exclusive 3D real-world navigation, making turns on the bridge clear at a glance. (Offline available)
● The new 3D high-speed navigation engine can plan multiple paths at the same time. (Offline available)
● Real-time traffic display (need to connect to the Internet).
● Cloud voice control navigation system (need to connect to the Internet).
● Collected more than 500,000 scenic spots and 6.2 million addresses across Taiwan.
● Provide LBS store discount information.

【Detailed description】
"Loke Navigation King 3D" is the only full 3D stereo navigation software in Taiwan, with industry-leading 3D graphics, 3D stereoscopic landmarks, buildings, and exclusive stereoscopic signs and stereoscopic guidance, bringing you racing-level real-world navigation experience and visual shock . The exclusive 3D high-speed navigation engine provides multiple route planning and high-quality images of the real-time road conditions ahead, speed camera reminders, and smart cloud voice-controlled navigation. In addition to navigation, Leke Navigation King also provides scenic spots, store graphic reviews, food and drink Fun and other LBS store information.

*caution! This product is software developed for mobile phones/tablet devices. Please do not use it on any car system or other devices that do not meet specifications.

【Function Description】
Exclusive full 3D stereo navigation
● The province's 3D three-dimensional landmarks and 3D three-dimensional buildings, three-dimensional guidance, bridges.
● Exclusive 3D signs (Taipei Demonstration Zone), including: road trees, traffic lights, MRT stations, etc.
● Provide a variety of speed camera reminders, the warning map will zoom in and flash when speeding.

Voice-activated navigation
● A cloud-based voice-activated navigation system that can navigate and learn (need to be connected to the Internet).

Smart input
● POI name and address can be entered at will, smart fuzzy enter the address you want to go to or the abbreviation of scenic spot

Multipath planning
● Adopt a new generation of 3D high-speed navigation engine, which can plan multiple route plans at the same time, and choose the most suitable route according to the user's condition.

Live traffic
● Through the high-speed 4G network, provide real-time high-quality images of the road conditions ahead and traffic incident information
● Provide red, yellow and green colors to indicate real-time traffic conditions.

LBS peripheral discount
● Provide attractions stars, reviews, exclusive discount messages, store information, etc., easily take the surrounding information with one hand.

Real-time traffic
● The road sections along the navigation route are marked with red, yellow, and green colors, and users can study and judge the driving route based on the road conditions.
● During navigation, proactively prompts high-definition road condition images and traffic incidents ahead, and users can avoid them according to the road conditions
● Actively remind you of sudden road conditions and catastrophes (rockfalls, landslides, vehicle diversions, road construction... etc.), allowing you to choose whether to divert.

Exclusive 3D three-dimensional elevated bridge
● Clear and exclusive elevated road guidance, clear the upper and lower bridges at a glance.

my itinerary
● Provide thematic itinerary lazy bag, you can also arrange your own travel itinerary on, import it to your mobile phone and start immediately!

Road position correction
● When navigating, you can choose between the bridge and the bridge, and you will never be stupid and confused again~

3D vehicle icon
● The navigation car logo not only has cars, but can also be transformed into locomotives and large trucks...make navigation more immersive!

【Conditions of Use】
Need to reserve more than 4GB space to download the main program and installation of pictures

【Facebook Fan Page】

[Loke Navigation King Customer Service Mailbox]
[email protected]

【Like Navigation King Customer Service Line】
02-23630582 (Service hours: Monday to Friday 10:00~12:00, 13:30~17:30, closed on weekends and national holidays)

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