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Colored status bar numbers with many free add-ons in bright colors including neon, with or without the percent sign. Six optional charging icons including animated lightning (yellow or neon), a beating heart or a dancing Android. Low and full battery alarm notifications with features and options not found in other apps.

IMPORTANT: Many new Android devices have aggressive battery saving settings which will shut down apps running in the background by default without telling you unless you make changes to your settings.
Go to: if our app is shutting down randomly for no reason or go to your settings and look for something called "Duraspeed" and either turn it off or make an exception for the app.

For other issues, see or e-mail us at [email protected], and we'll try to help.

NOTICE: BT does NOT stand for Bluetooth, and this app has nothing whatsoever to do with Bluetooth.

NOTE: Battery Notifier Pro BT is NOT 100% compatible with Android 10 and up. If your device has Android 10 or higher, it MAY or it may not work with your device. See our post at Battery Notifier News "Will original Battery Notifier work on Android 10 and up?" at

Since Battery Notifier Pro BT 2020 is an entirely new app, if you previously bought Battery Notifier Pro BT, you will be asked to purchase the 2020 version. Before buying the 2020 version, send us an email from within the app (Send feedback) so we can verify your purchase of the original Pro version, ask for a promo code, and we will send you a link to download Battery Notifier Pro BT 2020 for free.

SAMSUNG USERS WITH ANDROID 9 AND UP: The One UI Samsung uses in Android 9 and up may prevent selection of the custom full battery charge option. If you have this issue, let us know by sending us an email from within the app (Send feedback) and we will send you a special version of Battery Notifier Pro BT where this option will work on your Samsung device.

ADD-ONS NOTE: Google removed many of our free add-ons. If you use an add-on, don't delete the one you use or you may not be able to download it again. Hopefully there are enough left to give you the look you desire.

MALWARE WARNING: Google Play is the only place authorized to carry our apps. If you installed an apk with our name from some other site, the app might have malware. If you think you might have installed an apk with malware, uninstall it immediately and run a virus program on your device.

* Notification Priority option (Change position of status bar icon (left or right) and the notification in the drawer (higher or lower)
* HD add-on themes including the percent sign!
* Neon add-ons - Fuchsia, purple, yellow, orange or red from 100 to zero
* Animated charging icons
* Roboto and extra bright ArialXL-b 4-color fonts included
* Display colors you want at the levels you want
* Programmed to have the least battery drain
* Charger connection/disconnection alerts
* Wireless charger support

Battery alert features other apps can't match…
* Custom full charge alarm percentage (70% to 100%)
* Sound notifications in a loop
* Quiet hours
* Various vibration lengths
* LED notifications (supported devices)
* Mute alerts
* Repeat intervals (Low and full battery alarms)

* Privacy concerns? We collect nothing from you at all!
* Only three permissions! No ads!
* Battery temp (C or F), health, and "plugged/unplugged since" info in dashboard

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Our app puts the least strain on your battery of any battery app, but with features you'll use.

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