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Boom Merge : Build Animal City v0.38.0 Mod (Unlimited money) APK

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Juegos / Casual
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Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)
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752.72 MB
Hk Gx Games
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Unlimited Money

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On a magical island, there is a mysterious and beautiful Animal City. Lovely animals with different personalities live peacefully in this thriving city. But an Evil Fire has plunged this once enchanting city into a terrifying fog... Now all life is waiting for someone to work together with them to save this Animal City. And you, you are the chosen one—

Come and discover the mysteries of Animal City and use your magical merging powers to save the endangered animal inhabitants and bring this beautiful city back to life!

• Merge & Upgrade •
- Everything can be merged! The magical power of merge allows you to merge all items and upgrade them into better, more powerful beings to help you save and rebuild the city.
- But merging isn't that simple, you need to use your intelligence and strategy to solve the puzzles! Use your merging skills wisely to wake up more of Animal City's inhabitants!

• Explore & Puzzle •
- Water the parched land with precious clean water, discover more fantastical creatures and collect them to see what happens!
- As you continue to explore new areas of the city, meet more interesting characters in the city and what stories are the inhabitants hiding?
- A rich world of adventure maps! When you need more resources, set off on a fantastical adventure with your animal companions to discover and harvest a wealth of resources to build your city!

• Collecting & Managing •
- There are so many mysteries to discover, collect and organise them to win Master Collector rewards!
- Meet animal residents from all walks of life and work together to create a colourful metropolis.

• Luck & Surprises •
- Get more animal inhabitants easily with the Crazy Gacha!
- Crazy Boom Day, where extra resources can be dropped for consumption to help you build your city faster.
- Specially designed resorts for your animal inhabitants to host a fun animal party!

• Build & Design •
- Expand the population and increase the prosperity of your city; build cosy huts for your residents to rest and combine work and play to become a happy animal kingdom.
- Upgrade to create unique buildings and decorations, with over 11 different area tiles and unlimited customisation to create your own fantasy island!
- Unlock beautiful decorations and high-tech buildings to grow and develop your animal city, and build freely to make your city more crowded!

It's the perfect merge and build casual game, where only you can't imagine,nothing you can't merge.
Are you ready to simulate the perfect city and build the dream home? There's no time to lose to save Animal City!
Download it now!

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