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Grand Survival - Raft Games v2.7.1 Mod (Unlimited money/Free purchase/Premium) APK

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Juegos / Simulation
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Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
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210.19 MB
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: Version 2.5.3 The modification is as follows:
1. Get rewards for advertising exemption.
2. Free inside, you need to load the products scientifically on the Internet.
Note: The product of Premium cannot be purchased, don't order.
Reminder: The game is slower, please wait patiently.

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Grand Survival is one of the most exciting survival games you have ever seen!

Brave an ocean full of mysteries and danger with nothing but your wits and your raft. If you want to survive, you'll have to collect resources, upgrade, craft items and explore islands – all while fighting for your life against sharks, mutant crabs, zombies and other threats. You have not seen that in other raft games!

Your first challenge is to survive in this adventure. That is easier said than done, so you will need to figure out ways to collect water and cook food.


Crafting system. Once you've taken care of the basics on your raft, you can start exploring the ocean and islands. Search for resources to upgrade your raft, craft new items and equipment, and do whatever it takes to survive! ️

⚔️ Weapons. Craft unique weapons for your ocean survival. Harpoon, rifle, katana and lots of others will make you a perfect ocean nomad. This game will become your battleground. ⚔️

Weather. Keep an eye on the weather, too – different weather types present unique challenges and affect how characters behave. ️

World map. Explore a vast ocean hiding countless secrets and threats. Each island has a story to tell those brave enough to go looking.

Enemies. Sharks are just the beginning of your adventure – mutant crabs, zombies and other dangerous creatures are out for your blood too! Make sure it is not your last day on earth. A zombie shark always feels your blood.

Graphics. Enjoy a colourful world with a captivating graphics style differing this game from other survival games.

You will meet different characters on your way who will guide and help you during your adventure. Cooperate with them to get clues to explore mysteries islands' mysteries.

Building and craft are the key of this game. Raft games have never been that awesome and challenging.

Put your skills to the test and see what you're made of in one of the most exciting raft survival games! Start your adventure!

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