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RUBY - Endless Mars Runner v1.0.10 Mod APK

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RUBY is an endless runner set on Mars. Boost over obstacles to collect orbs, blast your way through enemies, and level up to unlock weapons and skins.


It's been 176 days since the attack against Prospect that left RUBY stranded on the surface away from the rest of her crew and ship.

Suit resource levels are critical.

O2 scrubber levels are critical.

Your last food ration was ruined by the environment.

Continue your search for any other surviving crew members while surviving the harsh Martian terrain.


• CLASSIC ENDLESS RUNNER EXPERIENCE: The game is never over. Uniquely, designed obstacles are randomly ordered for a new experience each run.

• SURVIVE IN STYLE: Press and hold the jump button to hover over obstacles using the Prospect standard-issue utility jet boots.

• FIRE AWAY: Select one of eight different weapon types and destroy the enemies standing in RUBY's way of surviving the harsh terrain of Mars.

• COLLECT AND LEVEL UP: Collect orbs along your run to gain experience and level up. Each level earns you 1,000 Universal Credits.

• TERMINAL INITIATED: Boot up The Terminal to spend your credits on weapons, character skins, weapon colors, and gameplay mods. Access The Terminal and change your loadout at any point during your run!

• ENHANCE WITH MODS: Increase the challenge, take the pressure off, or earn more experience with gameplay-enhancing modifiers.

• CRUISE THROUGH MARS: Sit back and take in the beautiful visuals of RUBY from award-winning designers, all set to chill hip-hop and lo-fi beats.

• FLASHLIGHT: You have a flashlight! For those spooky Martian nights. O_o

• ACHIEVEMENTS: Track your stats and mark your best runs with more than 25 achievements. Compete against your friends and other people around the world's high scores on the leaderboards!

• GO AD-FREE: Enjoy all the fun uninterrupted by removing the minimal ads and getting a free bonus to your UCs.


Thanks for supporting the first release from the indie game studio, UMOK Games!


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