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Towers of Lumnia v1.1.5 Mod (Unlimited money) APK

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Juegos / Strategy
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Android 2.3 (GINGERBREAD)
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46.01 MB
Edu Soft Eu
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Modifica construir torres impuestas en monedas de oro, piedra, madera!

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Descargar Towers of Lumnia Mod APK en

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Things were very quiet in the Land of Lumnia. Nothing seemed to disturb the order of this bright realm. One day, however, the Gate of Shadows was opened by Lord Samur who was set on threatening the safety in Lumnia. Along with his army, Lord Samur invaded the land of serenity, conquering it almost entirely. Only one man can stop the ruthless lord, the great inventor Umal. Together with the inhabitants of the realm, he sought refuge in the last unconquered bastion, the last tower still free from the malefic forces.

Experience four different fighting territories, each territory you discover reveals five unique levels.
You can either choose to play the story mode, where you discover the path of Lumnia and defeat Lord Samur or you can jump right into a skirmish just to have some fun and to smash some demons to pieces.


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