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Blood Diamonds v1.0.1 Mod (Unlimited money) APK

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Android 2.3.4、2.3.3、2.3.2、2.3.1 (GINGERBREAD_MR1)
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27.97 MB
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mejorar las habilidades, el Diamante no es disminuida anti-aumento!
/ span>(se inicia en la premisa de que se llegue a la actualización de las habilidades de la cantidad requerida de diamantes juego! El juego tiene que ir anuncios!

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They say a man's home is his castle. Blood Diamond is an action packed Tower defense game. Where you must defend against a toy army of soldiers who are attacking you.

Don't let the enemy soldiers overpower you. Your mission is to kill all the advancing armies and continue mining the land for diamonds and money.

There are 50 waves for hours of exciting fun, use your gems to upgrade, even watch an ad to gain some free gems!.

Achievements will be awarded so logging into google+ will be required.

You have four guns; a machine gun, a flamethrower, a rocket launcher and an artillery gun to strike from above. You select the gun by swiping the gun turret or by clicking the gun icon on the side of the screen. The more soldiers you kill, the greater the reward so you can upgrade weapons to help you kill more. Upgrade via the menu, but upgrade wisely for maximum impact.

Weapons & Upgrades!


The minigun is an effective long range weapon to destroy the oncoming waves of enemies! With it's incredible inaccurate firing you can use this to your advantage when multiple enemies arrive. Using the spray you will be able to hit enemies you weren't aiming for to gain some much needed points.

The upgrades available are:
- Increasing Fire Rate
- Increasing Damage
- Upgrading the Crit Damage of the bullets.
- Upgrade to cause your bullets to knock enemies back.
- Decrease the spread of the bullets.
- Max Upgrade - Bullets are 100% armor piercing.


This weapon is more for when the enemy is knocking down your base and stealing your items. Use this to quickly clear all of the enemies at the conveyor belt.

- Upgrades Available:
- Increasing the Damage.
- Causing the enemy to panic once hit by the flames.
- Increasing the cone radius
- Max Upgrade - Burning enemies spread flames to nearby targets.


If you want to cause insane damage towards your enemy or even a group then this weapon should be your 1st choice. Use these rockets to decimate your enemies

Upgrades Available:
- Increase Damage
- Increase Explosion Radius
- Increase Rate of Fire
- Increase Crit Chance
- Max Upgrade: Rockets upon exploding will spawn 6 smaller rockets.


Artillery can be used to annihilate enemies that are trying to destroy your resource transporter or trying to take down your flag while you're fighting on 2 or more fronts. If you're destroying a bunch of enemies head on, you may want to use this to blow up the ones you can't fire upon to stop them taking you down.

Upgrades Available:
- You can increase the speed of targeting.
- Decrease the artillery cooldown between shots.
- Decrease the time it takes for the artillery to explode.
- Increase the blast radius of the artillery.
- Max Upgrade - Each explosion will leave behind a toxic gas cloud.


Use this for the times the game becomes mental! Once launched this will destroy everything on the screen giving you a few moments to breathe and re-evaluate your choices on which enemy to take down 1st.
Each Nuke must be bought by using in game currency collected from passing waves.
You must 1st purchase the option to buy the nukes, then you can upgrade to decrease the cooldown of it's usage.

Other Vital Upgrades

- Decrease the rate of sabotage
- Decrease the rate of flag capture
- Increase the item spawn rate
- Increase the chance to find special items
- Increase the score values to award you with more points and more gems at the end of the rounds.


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